London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society


Churches in the City of London:
(Guildhall library holdings)
All Hallows, Barking by the Tower
All Hallows, Bread Street (1538-1892)
All Hallows, Honey Lane (1538-1892)
All Hallows, Lombard Street (1549-1937)
All Hallows, London Wall (1559-1927)
All Hallows, Staining (1642-1961)
All Hallows the Great (1666-1954)
All Hallows the Less (1558-1954)
All Saints, Skinner Street
Bridewell Chapel
Christchurch Greyfriars, Newgate Street (1547-1940)
Fleet Prison/ Rules of the Fleet
Guildhall Chapel
Holy Sepulchre without Newgate,
Holy Trinity, Gough Square
Holy Trinity, Minories (1563-1945)
Holy Trinity the Less (1547-1876)
Lamb's Chapel, Monkwell Street (1618-1753)
Mercer's Hall Chapel
Old Red hand & Mitre Chapel
St Alban, Wood Street (1662-1974)
St Alphage, London Wall (1613-1940)
St Andrew by the Wardrobe (1558-1940)
St Andrew, Holborn (1558-1952)
St Andrew Hubbard (1538-1846)
St Andrew, Undershaft (1558-1901)
St Ann, Blackfriars (1556-1940)
St Ann & St Agnes (1640-1938)
St Antholin, Budge Row (1538-1940)
St Augustine, Watling Street (1559-1940)
St Bartholomew by the Exchange (1558-1924)
St Bartholomew, Moor Lane
St Bartholomew the Great (1616-1934)
St Bartholomew the Less
St Benet Fink (1538-1905)
St Benet Gracechurch (1558-1937)
St Benet, Paul's Wharf (1916-1964)
St Benet Sherehog (1670-1946)
St Botolph without Aldersgate (1638-1953)
St Botolph without Aldgate (1558-1945)
St Botolph , Billingsgate (1685-1891)
St Botolph without Bishopsgate (1558-1850)
St Bride, Fleet Street (1587-1961)
St Christopher le Stocks (155-1924)
St Clement, Eastcheap (1539-1940)
St Dionis Backchurch (1538-1937)
St Dunstan in the East (1558-1948)
St Dunstan in the West ()1558-1970
St Edmund the King & Martyr,
St Ethelburga, Bishopsgate (1671-1932)
St Ewin
St Faith under St Paul (1645-1940)
St Gabriel, Fenchurch Street (1571-1952)
St George, Botolph Lane (1546-1891)
St Giles without Cripplegate (1561-1974)
St Gregory by St Pauls (1559-1953)
St Helen, Bishopsgate (1575-1870)
St James, Duke's Place (1664-1947)
St James Garlickhythe (1535-1868)
St James the Wall
St John the Baptist, Walbrooke (1670-1940)
St John the Evangelist, Friday Street (1653-1892)
St John Zachary (1693-1938)
St Katherine Coleman (1559-1961)
St Katherine Cree (1663-1947)
St Lawrence Jewry (1538-1951)
St Lawrence Pountney (1538-1975)
St Leonard, East Cheap (1538-1937)
St Leonard, Foster Lane (1670-1940)
St Magnus the Martyr (1557-1853)
St Margaret, Lothbury (1558-1924)
St Margaret Moses (1558-1850)
St Margaret, New Fish Street (1670-1853)
St Margaret Pattens (1558-1952)
St Martin, Ludgate (1538-1953)
St Martin Orgar (1624-1940)
St Martin Outwich (1670-1873)
St Martin Pomeroy (1539-1924)
St Martin Vintry (1664-1954)
St Mary Abchurch (1558-1975)
St Mary, Adermanbury (1538-1974)
St Mary, Aldermary (1558-1940)
St Mary at Hill (1558-1850)
St Mary Axe
St Mary Bothaw (1536-1944)
St Mary Colechurch (1558-1924)
St Mary le Bow (1538-1837)
St Mary Magdalen, Milk Street (1558-1951)
St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street (1539-1953)
St Mary Mounthaw (1568-1964)
St Mary Somerset (1557-1964)
St Mary, Staining (1673-1934)
St Mary, Woolchurch Haw (1558-1953)
St Mary Woolnoth (1538-1953)
St Matthew, Friday Street (1538-1882)
St Michael Bassishaw (1538-1951)
St Michael, Cornhill (1546-1853)
St Michael, Crooked Lane (1538-1890)
St Michael le Querne (1754-1884)
St Michael Paternoster Royal (1558-1954)
St Michael Queenhithe (15=653-1876)
St Michael, Wood Street (1559-1934)
St Mildred, Bread Street (1754-1853)
St Mildred Poultry (1538-1924)
St Nicholas Acons (1539-1875)
St Nicholas Cole Abbey (1538-1964)
St Nicholas Olave (1670-1964)
St Nicolas Shambles
St Olave, Hart Street (1704-1961)
St Olave Jewry (1538-1924)
St Olave, Silver Street (1561-1934)
St Pancras, Soper Lane (1538-1889)
St Paul's Cathedral (1697-1812)
St Peter, Cornhill (1538-1951)
St Peter le Poer (1561-1905)
St Peter, Paul's Wharf (1607-1964)
St Peter, Westcheap (1538-1876)
St Sepulchre, Holborn (1662-1901)
St Stephen, Coleman Street (1538-1952)
St Stephen, Walbrook (1557-1946)
St Swithin, London Stone (1614-1944)
St Thomas Apostle (1558-1940)
St Thomas in the Liberty of the Rolls
St Vedast, Foster Lane (1754-1853)
Temple Church
Whitefriars Precinct