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Totteridge Parish church of St Andrews (1570)
A village at the south-east angle of the county, between Whetstone and Highwood Hill, Middlesex. One mile west of he Great North Road, where is totteridge and Whetstone station of the Great Northern railway. The only inn is the Orange Tree. The name is derived probably from the Anglo Saxon root Tot, a height, an elevation and ridge; although other opinions suggest that Tot may indicated a place of worship. Totteridge occupies the summit, 437 feet, of the line of high land which stretches westward from Whetstone to Highwood Hill, 402 feet, and thence north-west to Elstree. The country is varied and agreeable, richly wooded, and affords extensive views, and Totteridge is as yet little defaced by the builder. About the Green are some good old houses, standing in the midst of fine grounds. the church is picturesque placed on their highest point of the hill. From an early period Totteridge was united with Hatfield, and held by the Bishop of Ely, till surrendered to Queen Elizabeth for an annuity of £ 1,500, to be paid out of the Exchequer to the Bishops of that see. The living of Totteridge is still held with that of Hatfield, forming together one of the two richest livings in the country; it is in the gift of the Marquis of Salisbury. Elizabeth gave manor in 1590 to John Cage, from whom it passed to Peacock, then to Sir Paul Whichcote, who sold it in 1720 to Sir James Brydges, Duke of Chandos. By Henry, second Duke of Chandos, it was sold to Sir William Lee, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
The church, St Andrew, on the right of the road from Whetstone, is a plain brick building erected in 1790, but enlarged in 1869 by addition of an apsidal chancel and transept, organ chamber and vestry, and rendered more accordant with current ecclesiastical taste. Painted windows were at the same time inserted as a memorial to Lord Cottenham.

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